Selections from the New Short Story


"Late yesterday morning I burned through all of my canvases and any paintable surfaces. Now I’m telekinetically etching landscape scenery onto tin and copper sheets which spring into coils and roll past some sort of QC department which is behind glass working under water in a vertical blue to clear gradient."

"Skip to Astra Tantalite… Moving out toward eight dark caves all at once. She really just can’t be real… I mean, a true Chimera? They occasionally break out of the lab and blur past me while I tan on the lawn of Genzyme in Allston, just above the army of bionic monkeys."


"There's a Rainbow Flash Asterisk off every bright edge"

Selected Words



Your eyes open

Morning Lotus

Calmly floating under clover


Wind surfing Saturn’s rings

Folding into this celestial icing
We always feel at home

With the pastel arks she paints on the snow


A glistening dark gray titanium orb silently takes our feed

Port 145 tonight for hours

A slight head band pressure

That awakens us to this night



Hmmmm... I'm sure we’ve seen this before

(8-bit digital crickets)

Right before this City grew bright highways

And we all learned to live with half gravity



Thanks for chalking my tee
A swift nine then we hit the bunker
Make our way down to the Umbrian pool
Where high tide meets bliss and tans

There's no hurry because I have the code 
Though its Finnish encryption was tough
Now it's smooth sailing in real time
Reverse every exhalation because that's crucial now

Listen, I saw this coming
I tatted the screen captures of her every move
Somewhere warm
Makes me see orange as I'm sighing through my eyelids

Don't trip over the driftwood hatchway door
Remember kid, the code? It's 9959...
Wrestled a gorilla off a motorcycle for that shit
So turn it until it clicks


I'm reviewing my film
You know, 'Split Blister'?
The scene where a re-arranged Trigger rides his own horse
Always cracks me up
This cowboy blanket needs air!
I'm spending all my magic beans on just this one scene

Take a break
Hit a brunch with the Queen
She makes me sweat cold silver
I want to capture her in code
But her eyes breathe back the story
Before it gets told

The letters of my name in minarets
Spiral up through the storm cloud ground
Piercing your ear with my vowels
We begin

Then a bombshell
Turns it up inside
I'm alive by wires
Driving all the cars at once


Life is the Vine
Oak Pan cells our rebar

With comet dust crete

Hey, Lilith, shift our beach!

Now we all know sprite nods have shown us

Where the tea leaves grow
We see a horse head with faces in its mane

She's pouring our future in paints

I'm shooting silver beams from my planet
With nuclear timing

Rethink half lives because it flames our cells into permanence
The universe shines from every pore of us into each other

You, Mother, Father, Brother and Sister


When the old toad died with your pics all over his phone
We weren't anticipating that 

Brass horns of the Devil's reunion with us all
This party has just begun my friends

Here. No Here. That's good now you can see it AND feel it
No it's real. Trust me
See? When I even THINK about opening this code-locked briefcase it OPENS
Don't laugh. What's next is going to be difficult to explain after we put you through tubes
And decorate a mile long crater with the mere illusion of what you thought you were

Yeah it all got real today
Like toothpicked eyelids 
Now I can never hide from it
So I shoot my soul through God's head
To bring him back to God


As I dine on your smiles
You stroke your wolf
It's heart is exploding 
Eyes dilating wildly 
Gazing into a frightening death

I'm the freak for laughing at all this
But you know, I just hope little Pepe doesn't dance on my shoes
Remembering all his baths
Don't cry until he cries
I know it's kind of sad

But hey! He paid you back
Many dreams in the black behind a thick wooden door
Whatever he was is now just math
Count backward until I re-appear


Nectar amber in pewter squares

Gazing through these amulets at the candles swaying

On the other side, a choir singing spells
A volcano's decoding heard behind me
I slowly turn toward her scent
Wings surround me

Now I'm eternal



© 2022 Jack Energy