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Jack Energy


Boston-based mixed media artist, Jack Energy brings a refreshing and profound depth to his works, melding a luscious, organic sensibility with an urban edge.

"I am very excited to curate the '
Awake' Exhibition at UVA's spectacular new 'Overlook Gallery' in the old St. Gabriel's Monastery . Wrapping up my 'Wild' series for all four seasons of 2023 and 'Burning Chrome'- inspired by selected William Gibson short stories is an ongoing series. I recently completed the iconic 'Netwerk' series.


I am currently studying and incorporating fabrication elements (3D printing, welding, laser cutting, screen printing, robotics, etc.), as well as cutting edge audio science into larger installations, sculpture, immersive exhibitions & interior design. They are called 'Energy Works'."

Jack Energy is also a critically acclaimed songwriter/producer. He operates the indie label, Shave Records, fronts the band, Echo Detective and is co-founder of the wildly popular

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